Reagent Dispenser Welljet | Integra Biosciences
  • Dispenser for single plates and device with stacker Welljet
  • Dispenser for single plates
  • Dispenser for single plates with tube holder
  • Dispenser for single plates with interface
  • Dispenser with stacker in a laminar flow cabinet
  • Interface examples

The compact dispenser allows rapid and efficient filling of microplates with reagents. The small device is used to fill single plates, while the dispenser with stacker automatically processes up to 50 plates. With a relatively small footprint both also fit in laboratories with limited place conditions.
The design favors a modular structure. In this way many pieces can be used for both models, which simplifies production, logistics and assembly. The interface is part of the design project. Thanks to the intuitive user flow it helps to set up dispensing protocols in an easy way.

  • Product design
  • User interface design

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